Our office provides clients with Court ordered drug and alcohol evaluations for Clackamas County.  We specialize in DUII cases.  Our clients are provided with knowledge of the DUII process and assigned a treatment center.

We have been working in the DUII court system for more than 30 years.  We work with both Diversion and Conviction clients.

We do not provide any kind of drug or alcohol treatment.

      Our office is now required to provide the State with an SID "State Identification" number for all clients.  Clients will not be able to get an appointment with our office without providing the SID number. 

Diversion Clients

Diversion clients must COME IN to our office to sign up.  Bring your Diversion Petition with you when you come in.  Do not come to sign up within a half hour of closing.  We do not have same day appointments.  The cost of a Diversion evaluation is $225 cash or money order only.

Conviction Clients

Convictions may bring in or mail us the Conviction Judgement AND $150 in cash or money order.  They will need to provide us with an SID number.  We also need your DMV record AND your police report.  You may then call us to set your appointment. 


Out of state Diversion client?

We can do a phone evaluation for our out of state clients, but you MUST prepay $225 cash or money order, provide an SID number and bring us your Diversion Petition when you sign up in order to schedule your appointment.

Thinking about starting treatment before doing your ADES evaluation?  Consider this:

Any treatment you do without an ADES evaluation is strictly voluntary.  If you complete that treatment without first having your evaluation here, your treatment will not count for your DUII and you will still be required to go into treatment after your evaluation with us.

Interlock Device & DMV Licensing

All information about interlock companies and installation can be found on DMV's website.  We recommend going with a national company. 

Please call DMV to get information about getting your license back; how long you are suspended; or to get information about a hardship permit or Interlock exemption.

You are required by law to have an Interlock device with video surveillance installed in your vehicle for the entire length of your Diversion.  No one else is allowed to drive a car with your Interlock installed.  If you cannot install an Interlock into your car for any reason, Oregon law states that  you are not legally allowed to drive.

Food Stamps?

Only Diversion clients are eligible for a Food Stamp Discount.  We will only provide the discount within 30 days of the day you began Diversion.  When you come to sign up, let us know you have food stamps, and we will give you instructions and paperwork to be filled out by DHS.  This discount can lower the cost of our evaluation and possibly waive part of your court fees. 

Non-English Speaking Clients

BRING YOUR OWN INTERPRETER when you come to sign up.  We do not have an interpreter here in the office.  Please come in with your court paperwork and $225 cash or money order.  You must prepay for your evaluation so we can request an interpreter for your appointment.