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We close early on every second Tuesday of the month for the Conviction meeting.

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We are located in between New Hings Chinese Restaurant and the Thirsty Duck. 


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Why do I have to do this evaluation?  There is another place that is cheaper and closer to my house.

Our evaluations are not the same as a treatment evaluation.  Treatment centers evaluate what kind of treatment you may need.  We are your case holder and evaluate what treatment center will be the most suitable.  You will need both evaluations in order to comply with the Court.

Do I have to come in to the office to sign up?

YES.  Your paperwork tells you to report to us.  This means come in, in person, and sign up.

I don't have an SID number, can I still have my appointment?

NO.  You MUST get an SID number before your evaluation.  It must be provided to the State by us and your treatment center.  We cannot complete your referral without it.  If you fail to get the SID number to us before the date of your evaluation, then your evaluation will be cancelled at your expense.  You will not be assigned another date until we have the SID number.

What happens during the evaluation?

Your evaluator will go over the Diversion or Conviction process with you; go over the Interlock with you; ask you background questions; and choose a treatment center with you that works with your transportation and financial needs. 

Will my insurance cover this evaluation?

NO.  We do not take any kind of insurance.  This evaluation will be out of pocket for you.  However, most treatment programs take insurance.  During the appointment, let your evaluator know who your provider is.

I don't have a lot of money, can I begin my program later in the year?

Unfortunately, we are required to get you signed up and started within a certain time frame.  Be sure to come in directly after entering the Program so we can help you as much as possible.

Can someone else drop off my Court paperwork?

YES.  But they will not be able to sign up for you.  You will need to come in yourself to do that.

Can someone else drop off my Victim Panel certificate?

YES.  Make a copy before you give the original certificate to us, or we can make you a copy for 0.75 cents.

Can someone else come give you my payment?

YES, however, they will not be able to schedule your evaluation or Victim Panel.

Can I pay over the phone?

NO.  We do not take any type of card.  We work with cash or money order only.  You are welcome to mail us a money order.  DO NOT put cash in the mail.  We will not be held responsible should it not make it to our office. 

Can I pay with a check?

NO.  We work with cash or money order only.  You are welcome to mail us a money order.  DO NOT put cash in the mail.  We will not be held responsible should it not make it to our office. 

I'm a Conviction.  Can I just pay the day of my appointment?

NO.  "Prepaid" means "before the day."  You must get us your payment, DMV record, police report, SID number and Court Judgement before you get an appointment date.

I don't have the money for the Diversion evaluation.  Can I still come to my appointment?

NO.  Your appointment slip clearly states that payment is due the day of your appointment.  If you do not have the money, be sure to call before the reset date listed on your appointment slip.  If you cancel the day of your appointment, you will be charged a $50 late cancel fee.

I waited until the day of my appointment to get my driving record and now it won't get faxed until tomorrow.  Can I still do my evaluation?

YES.  However, your appointment may take longer due to the lack of information.  It is also possible that we may have to wait to send out your referral to treatment, depending on what information may be on the driving record. 

I'm in trouble with my Court/PO.  Can I get an evaluation this week?

PROBABLY NOT.  We are normally booked out several weeks.  There is a small possibility that we will have a cancellation.  We will make every effort to get you in as soon as possible.  However, we will not rearrange our schedule to accommodate your Court date.   

Can I bring my children to my evaluation?

NO.  Make arrangements for a babysitter before your appointment.  You may not bring them in to your appointment or leave them in the lobby.  We are not responsible for your children.

I'm in the military and I'm being shipped out or moved to another state.  Can I do treatment on base/ overseas?

We make every effort to work with military personnel.  Please speak to your evaluator about doing treatment where you are or where you will be. 

I already completed a treatment program.  Can I get credit for that?

Unfortunately, any treatment you do prior to your evaluation here with us is considered voluntary and will not count for your DUII.  It is important for you to sign up with us within a timely manner. 

I missed my evaluation.  What do I do now?

You must pay a $50 no show/ late cancel fee before we will reschedule you.  If you are a Diversion and you have not paid your evaluation fee, you will be required to pay the full amount plus the no show fee up front before we will reschedule you. 

I missed my evaluation because of an emergency/ I was in jail.  Can you waive the No Show fee?

NO.  We make it clear on the appointment slip that missed appointments for any reason are subject to a $50 fee. 

I missed my Victim Panel.  What do I do now?

You must pay us $15 cash or money order and reschedule with us for the very next Panel.

I mailed my Victim Panel slip to you.  Should I call to make sure you received it?

NO.  If you are concerned that it won't reach us, then drop it off in person.  You are welcome to make a copy of it before you send it in.  We will be in touch with you if we do not receive word of your attendance.

My friend recommended a different treatment center.  Can I switch?

NO.  We will not re-refer to a treatment center simply because of your friend's recommendation.  We referred you to the treatment center that we felt could give you the best service. 

I got a positive UA.  What do I do now?

We send all positive UA results back to the Court for monitoring.  If it is your first violation, there will most likely be no action requested.  If it is not your first violation, you will be sent back to Court.  Wait for a letter in the mail from the Court.

I got kicked out of treatment.  What do I do now?

Call us immediately.  However, we will most likely need to send your file back to Court.  Wait for a letter in the mail from the Court.

I'm done with treatment.  What do I do now?

You do not need to do anything but wait.  Make sure you keep your Interlock in your car for the remainder of your Diversion period.  Do not drink alcohol or use any kind of drugs for the remainder of your Diversion period. 

I failed my Interlock.  What do I do now?

If you it took you longer than 30 minutes to blow negative or were unable to blow again, go IMMEDIATELY and take a UA to prove you weren't drinking.  You can wait until Monday if you failed on the weekend.  If you have completed treatment and your old treatment center will not take you back, please call us and we will send you somewhere to take a UA.

I got caught driving without my license and/or my Interlock device.  What will happen to me now?

Your file will be sent back to court as non- compliant.  It will be up to the Judge to continue your Diversion or revoke you.  You will still need to follow any directions the police officer gave you to deal with the ticket.

I'm an out of state Conviction and I just finished treatment.  How do I get my DMV certificate?

When we have a completion from your treatment center, we will send off a DMV certificate to that treatment provider.  It will be their responsibility to fill it out and send it in to DMV.  Be sure your treatment provider does this.  We do not have duplicate DMV certificates.

I'm about to expire Diversion.  What do I do now?

Assuming you have done everything correctly, you will not need to do anything when you expire.  There is no Court date; we do not call you; we do not send a completion out to you.  If you would like a Court signed copy of your completion, wait a MINIMUM of one month and request the copy from the Court records room.  We do not send out completions from our office.  You can only get it from the Court.

I need an extension on my Diversion because I will not complete treatment in time.  How do I get one?

If you have not completed treatment and you only have one mmonth left in your Diversion, we will automatically send a notice to the Court requesting a Court date for your extension.  If you do not receive a letter, please call the Court to see when your Court date is.

My extension is about to expire and I'm not done with treatment.  Can I have another one?

NO.  Oregon allows one year for your Diversion, and one 6 month extension should you need it.  The Court cannot give you any more than a year and a half.  If you do not complete within that time frame, your Diversion will be revoked and you will be convicted. 

I went through your office over 7 years ago, and now I need a copy of my completion.  Can I get that from you?

NO.  We destroy all client files after 7 years.  You may be able to request copies from your treatment center, but most likely, they will have destroyed their files as well.  You can try to call the Courthouse that held your case and request a copy of your completion from them, but they may or may not have the documents on file. 

Without your file we do not have information on what treatment center you went to, nor do we know what Court you were working with. 

Im going on vacation or a long weekend away, do I need to notify PADES?

YES. If you are planning a vacation or long weekend away, PADES needs to know a minimum of two weeks prior so we can assist with setting you up with a UA the day before you leave and the day you get home. If you are leaving the United States you will need to notify PADES and then get permission from the courts to leave the country. Be aware that some countries will not allow you to cross the border due to your DUII.

I need my IID paperwork sent to the courts for early removal, can you send it to the courts or can I pick up my IID records?

NO. Due to Federal regulations 42 CFR, Part 2 prohibits us from disclosing other agencies records. You will need to contact your IID company for any and all records. We also do not help facilitate early removal of your IID since you are court ordered to have it installed for the year of diversion, unless ordered by the courts.