The state requires that all clients must do an evaluation in the county in which you received your DUII. The designated evaluator for the majority of Clackamas County is PADES.

DO NOT CONFUSE OUR EVALUATION WITH A TREATMENT CENTER EVALUATION. Yes, your insurance will cover a treatment center evaluation. No, we do not take insurance here. Yes, you will need to do both evaluations. If you choose to ignore this step, you will risk your Diversion status. You are required by law to get an evaluation through our office.

We cannot sign you up until the Judge signs your Diversion petition. This will usually happen after your second court date. Clients are typically told to report to our office within 48 hours of officially entering Diversion with the court (after your final court date).

Diversion clients are scheduled for the evaluation and Victim Panel. Your assessment will last 45 minutes to one hour. We will explain the Diversion program to you, explain treatment and what is expected of you, explain the Interlock device and rules, and give you a list of treatment centers to choose from. Although you will have a say in choosing your treatment center, your evaluator has the final say in where you go to treatment. If you choose to begin treatment before you see us, be aware that it is on a voluntary basis and will not count for your Diversion unless you get sent there by PADES. There is no guarantee that you will be referred to the treatment center of your choice.

Clients are required to attend a treatment program that is DUII/State Certified. Clients who live here in Oregon have to follow the guidelines set by their individual treatment programs. The average length of treatment is anywhere from 4-6 months.  Clients who live outside of Oregon are required to find a treatment center that will meet or exceed Oregon DUII treatment requirements. Our office will assist you in this process.  All clients who have been terminated from treatment are required to complete a re-referral through PADES before they can begin treatment again. All clients must remain totally abstinent from alcohol and drugs during the entire Diversion program.

We offer reductions to Diversion clients if you can provide proof of Food Stamp eligibility within 30 days of your final court date. Provided you show up to your evaluation, we will send a waiver over to the court waiving part of your Diversion filing fee (this only happens for Circuit Court cases). If you fail to report to our office within 30 days of beginning Diversion or fail to show to your evaluation, you are no longer granted any reductions.

For those clients who live over 100 miles away, we will gladly arrange to do everything by phone, mail and e-mail. We also give clients information on how to find a Victim Panel and a treatment program in your area.

If you live out of state, please come in to sign up with us BEFORE you leave the state. Bring your court paperwork and $225 cash or money order with you so we can sign you up for your phone evaluation. All phone evaluations are PREPAID.  You will not be granted an appointment without payment.

Unfortunately, treatment cannot be transferred from one agency to another without losing all progress and starting over. If you know you will be moving while you are in treatment, please discuss this with your evaluator during your appointment.  Keep this in mind when choosing a treatment center. If you know you will be moving during the time you are in treatment, it may be in your best interest to begin treatment near the city you will be moving to. 

This is especially important to remember if you are a college student living in student housing.  You may have to find an apartment in town for the summer so you can finish out your treatment program.



If you are a revoked Diversion client, please know that everything you did as a Diversion client has been revoked. This means that everything that you have done prior to the day you were convicted is null and void, and you must start over as if you are starting from the beginning.

You must do another evaluation with us, and you must go back to treatment.

The only exception is this:

If you were in treatment when your Diversion was revoked and you continued to go, that treatment may count for part of your Conviction treatment. If you have been out of treatment for more than 30 days, you will have to restart.

Convictions must have the following five things in hand in order to get an evaluation:

1) COPY OF YOUR CONVICTION JUDGEMENT FROM           COURT -- If you don’t have it, you must get it from the records room in the courthouse, or your lawyer.                  


3) CERTIFIED COURT COPY OF YOUR DMV RECORD FROM DMV -- Have the DMV fax it over to PADES at 503-722-5254

4) COPY OF YOUR POLICE REPORT WITH PROOF OF BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL -- YOu will need to contact the police department that arrested you, or your lawyer.

5) SID NUMBER -- You are required to provide PADES with an SID "State Identification" number. Contact the court house or police department for this information. 

Be sure to get a certified Court copy of your Oregon DMV record and a record for ANY state that you have lived in within the past 10 years.

You must give all of these things to us before we will schedule an evaluation. That means that you will not be paying us the day your have your evaluation. You must get us the payment and the paperwork before you will be given a date to come back for your appointment.

****If you don’t have the police report, you may get it from your lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, let PADES know immediately what police department arrested you, so we may try to get it from the police.

Please come to our office 15 minutes before your appointment so you can fill out background information.

Convictions are not eligible for a food stamp discount. There are no other discounts available. If you have difficulty coming up with the fee, you will need to speak to your PO and see what they can do for you.

Your PO will give you a time limit in which to get your evaluation done and get into treatment without being in violation of your probation. It is important to remember that you must be done with our evaluation and be in a treatment program before your time limit is up. Our office is generally booked out 2-3 weeks. Although each treatment center is different, they may be booked anywhere from 1 week to 1 month out. If you choose to wait until the end of your limit to pay us and set an appointment, we cannot guarantee that we can fit you in before that time limit expires. A lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours.

Once you are in treatment, it is your responsibility to continue with treatment until you successfully complete. Any problems or concerns should be directed to your PO, as they have the final say in any decision that is made. Any missed appointments, positive UA’s or issues in treatment performance will immediately be sent to your PO.